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Laser therapy is a procedure that aims to stimulate cells in order to generate more protein and aid the process of tissue repair. Laser therapy, which is also referred to as soft tissue laser therapy or cold laser therapy, is often used to treat chronic pain. It does so by utilizing the energy from infrared light to reduce pain, inflammation, and promotes tissue healing.

Benefits of Laser Therapy

Laser therapy promotes oxygen in the area where it is being administered, which increases blood flow and circulation in the affected areas. One of the most significant benefits of laser therapy is that it stimulates the body’s natural healing processes, which can reduce healing times, and eliminate pain. 

What is Laser Therapy Used To Treat?

If you experience any of these symptoms, you may be a candidate for laser therapy: 

    • Osteoarthritis 
    • Chronic Pain 
    • Repetitive Stress injuries 
    • Neck and Back Pain 
    • Post-surgery Rehabilitation
    • Tendonitis


Can I Combine Laser Therapy With Other Treatments?

Yes, and this is often encouraged by healthcare professionals. Some treatments that are often used in conjunction with laser therapy are chiropractic, acupuncture, and shockwave therapy in Kitchener, among many others.

How Many Treatments Should I Have?

The number of treatments varies for every patient and will depend on what you are treating. A general rule of thumb is for an acute condition, then you can expect to have at least one to six treatments to reduce pain. If it is chronic pain you are experiencing, then you may require up to 15 treatments.

When Will I Notice Improvements?

You may begin to notice positive results after your first Laser Therapy session. As you continue with treatments, you’ll notice your pain becomes less frequent.

How Do I Prepare For Laser Therapy?

You should always consult with your chiropractor, before moving forward with laser therapy. Based on your age and overall health, your chiropractor may approve laser therapy or suggest other treatments. 

If you are interested in Laser Therapy, acupuncture or a chiropractor in Kitchener, visit us at Goss Chiropractic. Our qualified specialists will work with you to create a treatment plan tailored specifically for your needs.