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Acupuncture has been scientifically proven to help reduce migraine headaches and it can even be recommended as a better alternative to drugs, according to researchers. Recently, a highly respected and official review of the scientific literature related to preventing migraines using acupuncture showed that it could work slightly better than the use of drugs and its effects are not just a placebo. The review process is known as the Cochrane review process and it is known as the most rigorous scientific exam of clinical research.

Researchers recommend that doctors provide patients with information about acupuncture as a treatment option when they discuss preventative treatment solutions for patients. Over one billion people worldwide are affected by migraines, and they have a considerable negative impact on life and can impose a huge burden on society.

For those who suffer from frequent migraine attacks, preventative treatments to reduce their frequency are available, but not all patients do well on drug therapy so many would prefer to avoid it if they can. The findings of the Cochrane review were moderately significant, which can be considered good for a Chochrane review. The following are the main findings:

Adding acupuncture as a procedure to include in symptomatic treatment plan to help reduce the frequency of migraines is valid. The acupuncture treatments are found to be at least as effective as drugs used to prevent migraines, however, without the side effects of using the drugs. Treatment using manual acupuncture resulted in a higher reduction of migraine frequency and migraine attacks compared to other treatments. Acupuncture can be recommended as a prophylactic treatment and it can provide patients with information of prophylactic strategies when discussing treatment options.

There is a call for more longer term studies to help assess how long the effects of acupuncture will truly last. There is now great evidence that acupuncture can be an effective treatment for episodic migraine.

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