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Visiting a chiropractic office is very similar to that of other healthcare professionals. However, it does have its unique qualities, such as the examination table you’ll likely spend some time on. It’s more elaborate than you’d find in other medical offices, with specific positioning and movements that help assist in chiropractic treatment. The initial visit with your chiropractor will usually include a recap of your medical history, a physical exam, treatment options and a follow-up plan.

Going Through Your Medical History

This stage of the chiropractic exam is similar to what you’d experience with other medical professionals. You’ll likely fill out a questionnaire filled with questions regarding your current and past health, as well as your family’s medical history. Your chiropractor may ask you to indicate where you’ve been experiencing discomfort.

Next, it’s the Physical Exam

Starting with a routine physical exam, this stage won’t differ much from other doctors you’ve seen in the past. Next, they’ll focus on a spinal exam, paying closer attention to the areas in which you’ve indicated as uncomfortable. This physical exam will also include other assessment techniques, like tests focusing on your range of motion, testing of the reflexes, muscle strength comparisons, palpation and neurological tests.

Treatment Plan

In order to properly determine a treatment plan what will best heal your discomfort, your chiropractor will have to take several things into account. This will include the extent of your discomfort or injury, your health in general, the condition of your spine in relation to your age and previous injuries, and lastly, your health goals. What you want to get out of this chiropractic experience is one of the most important things to consider when seeing a chiropractor. It’s common to seek pain relief or to improve your general health, so discuss this with your doctor so they can alter your treatments to encompass those goals.

The Quick Treatment

It’s common for your chiropractor to make a few “adjustments” in your first session. This is known as a therapeutic manipulation of the body that uses controlled force to alleviate discomfort in specific joints. It’s likely that they’ll focus on the spine but, depending on where you feel the most pain, they can also focus on the ankles, knee, shoulders, elbow or wrist.


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