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Arthritis is a group of painful conditions which affect the joints, and those who suffer from arthritis can use some traditional treatments to manage the pain, but they can’t restore your tissue or halt the progress of your joint deterioration. Keep reading to learn about how new arthritis treatments can help improve your function.

What Is Regenerative Medicine?

All types of arthritis can benefit from regenerative medicine. This type of medicine focuses on ways that replace, repair, or help regenerate damaged tissues naturally. Regenerative medicine uses your body’s own natural capacity for healing. For example, stem cells, platelets, and amniotic fluids rich in growth factors are able to be injected into your arthritic joints to help ease inflammation and encourage the development of new and healthy cells.

Regenerative medicine can give patients long-term pain relief and a quicker healing and recovery time in comparison to surgical interventions. The procedure is quick and simple and there is little risk associated. Joints like elbows, knees and shoulders will respond best to regenerative treatments.

Stem Cell Therapy

Your stem cells have the capacity to develop into any type of cell, depending on what your body needs. They can be harvested from your own body fat, and then these cells are injected into arthritic joints.

Stem cells are a high-quality treatment for those with early joint damage, but also for those who have advanced osteoarthritis with little cartilage remaining.

Stem cell therapy can be effective against rheumatoid arthritis since these specialized cells change the way a body’s immune system works and adjust the inflammatory response. This helps reduce any pain and swelling that are characteristic of rheumatoid arthritis.

Platelet-rich Plasma Therapy

Platelets are components in your blood that have healing growth factors. When these growth factors are targeted at an injured, arthritic joint, they encourage fast healing. A sample of your blood is used to create platelet-rich plasma. Then your doctor will spin it in a centrifuge to form the platelet-rich compound and inject it into your arthritic joints.

Amniotic Injections

Arthritic joints that are inflamed can benefit greatly from amniotic injections, which contain a lot of lipids, multipotent cells, hyaluronic acid and cytokines, which foster growth. Once these injections are administered to the arthritic joints, your body will create new tissue, the pain will be reduced and inflammation will fade away.

You might think that amniotic injections as a substitute for corticosteroid injections, which work to temporarily relieve pain but they can contribute to further cartilage degradation long-term. Regenerative amniotic injections, on the other hand, are a safer and more permanent therapy for joints that are arthritic.

Discover the potential of regenerative medicine for your arthritis pain relief.