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Elbow Pain or Tennis Elbow is not just a concern for Roger Federer or Serena Williams. In fact, acute pain in the elbow is one of the most common kinds of pain issues that are faced by many people. While playing tennis can cause this issue, there are many professionals from different walks of life who are likely to suffer from elbow pain especially if your daily activity involves repeating an arm motion over and over. Sometimes, elbow pain can be so acute that it can make even lifting a cup of tea a painful experience.

Tennis elbow is basically caused by inflammation or chronic pain due to degenerated collagen and can be quite severe. In acute tennis elbow cases, you will notice inflammation in the tendon and a bony lump at the outer part of the elbow. This inflammation is an indication of repetitive stress placed on the forearm muscles. Symptoms of tennis elbow include pain in the bony knob on the outside of your elbow, pain in the upper or lower part of your arm, shooting pain when attempting to lift something which is even lighter in weight, difficulty opening a door, or gripping an object.

According to a recent study on the symptoms and treatment of tennis elbow, many researchers concluded that chiropractic treatment is quite effective in treating pain. Before beginning with the treatment, your local Kitchener chiropractor will examine the root of your pain and determine what are the possible causes of your tennis elbow. For this, they may ask you to lift up a stress ball, grip and release an object, open a door handle and make some specific movements. They will also note down the spots where you feel pain and will also note the intensity of pain to get a detailed perspective on your issue. Once the cause and symptoms are properly assessed, they will suggest a few form correction exercises that need to be done on a daily basis, especially if the symptoms and pains are not quite severe.

In many cases, your Kitchener chiropractor may also suggest applying pressure to certain points near the elbow just like acupuncture therapy. In more severe cases, an Active Release Therapy (ART), the Graston Technique may be used by your chiropractor. This technique involves the use of an instrument to detect and resolve adhesions in the muscles and tendons. In addition, your chiropractor may use extracorporeal shockwave therapy where acoustic shockwaves go into the bone or soft tissue which breaks up the scarring that has penetrated through the tendons and ligaments in the elbow area.

It is important to not ignore a tennis elbow situation. Without proper chiropractic Kitchener treatments, it is almost unlikely that elbow pain will go away, especially if it is of an acute nature. In fact, the pain can start spreading from your elbow to your forearm or wrist. Although temporary bracing can stop the pain from worsening, it is best to visit a reputed local chiropractor in Kitchener like Goss Chiropractic to get the right diagnosis and get long-lasting relief from the pain.