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Chiropractors are able to treat, heal, and help patients manage the number of disorders and conditions that cause back pain. Following the treatment, patients should notice a significant improvement in joint mobility and decreased pain and muscle tension throughout the back.


Types of Back Pain a Chiropractor can Help with


– Upper back pain
Upper back pain can be caused by awkward sleeping and poor posture, amongst other things, a chiropractor can help fix the physical pain and offer long-term solutions to avoid future pains.

– Lower back pain
Lower back pain is common amongst people who sit for long periods at a time. With regular visits, your lower back pain will merely be an event of the past.

– Back stiffness
The inability to move your back in certain ways could be a painful symptom of problems with the musculoskeletal system.

– Neck pain
Neck pain is almost always caused by an issue with the spine, something that a chiropractor can help with.

– Headaches
Tension headaches can be caused by stress, as well as undue strain on the neck or back.

– Muscle pain
Misaligned vertebrae can put pressure and strain on certain back muscles.


Adjusting is the typical treatment you think of when you hear the word “chiropractor.” Adjustments are physical manipulations of the spine with the intention of realignment and vertebrae stress relief. During an adjustment procedure, you may hear a cracking and feel a movement in your spine, hips, or neck. All of these adjustments are calculated by an expert and will typically not hurt, only provide relief.


A chiropractor will be able to strategically stretch out stiff joints with the goal of increasing blood flow and restoring the full range of movement. Mobilization should be practiced regularly in order to achieve long-term relief of joint stiffness.

Activator Treatments

A chiropractor will use a small metal tool to activate targeted areas of specific vertebrae and restore blood flow and mobility once again. The low pressure can be compared to a gentle reflex test and should not be painful. This treatment does not require the patients to move very much, which makes it perfect for sufferers of extremely painful back pain.

Soft Tissue Treatments

Through strategic soft tissue treatments, a chiropractor will be able to relieve some muscle strain and stimulate blood flow to areas. Typically, soft tissue treatments follow or accompany other chiropractic treatments.

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