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Now that many of us are staying home during the pandemic, attending online classes on Google Meets or Zoom, and even running your company comfortably from your home office (or bed). It is important to watch how we are treating our bodies. Many think self-care just means providing skincare necessities for the body. It means meditation, continuing/starting healthy lifestyles, or even stretching your body before getting ready to conquer the day and its challenges/responsibilities to come.

It’s important to always keep an upright posture and take breaks in between using your hands to complete tasks.

Patients who show signs of tennis elbow (when tendons in your elbow are overloaded) often present health issues, which include sharp elbow and forearm pains. In rare cases where this severe/extensive damage to the elbow. There are numbness or shooting pains in the neck and hands. This makes it hard for people to go on about a routine schedule, and continue to write/type for those who are in school or the workplace.


Kitchener Chiropractic Care for Tennis Elbow:


Tennis elbow pain is classified as repetitive stress/strain injury, which is common in those who use forceful movement in their hands, wrists, or elbows. Many of these forced movements are shown in the swinging/movement of arms. This is why it is most common in those who often play sports that require the usage of hands and constant rotation movement of the arms. Chiropractors are licensed to help with many of these body aches/pains and teach you ways to preserve your body posture/form, maintaining healthy body structure and lifestyle.

The most common way many people used to treat themselves. It is the standard protocol known as “RICE.” “R” stands for rest, meaning you must put a complete halt to any forceful movements of the hands. Wrist or elbows. “I” stands for ice, in this case, you are required to apply ice packs to the affected area every two to three hours. “C” stands for compression. This is where you must wear a brace or support strap so that you can support the affected areas. Finally, “E” stands for elevation. You can keep your elbow leveled above your heart. It will reduce anybody toxins that are creating ongoing pain in your elbows.

It is best to see a Kitchener chiropractor if you have tennis elbow pain. This way, a practitioner can help reduce the pain, and overall help heals the body injury from recurring. At Goss Chiropractic, our licensed chiropractor in Kitchener, Ontario, is ready to treat your elbow pain, help you acquire knowledge of how the body works, and provide you with different exercises to try at home. Give us a call today at 519-578-7840 or book your appointment online here https://gosschiro.oca-aspire.com/ocaportal/app/components/booking/#!/.